Spectacular Signage

If you have not guessed, I love all the details at WDW.  This includes their signage.  Signs at not just for information or to point you in the right direction. They are funny, touching and works of art.  When you think about walking around the different parks, resorts and stores at WDW the signs are not the first things to come to mind.  They are made to be part of  your experience.  The posters in Frontierland blend into the old west theme, while the menu boards at Cosmic Rays match the futuristic design of Tomorrowland.

During my recent trips to WDW I have started to photograph some of my favorite ones.  From time to time I will share them.  My first one is from  American Pavilion in Epcot.  Every time I see this sign I laugh.

Come on don't you?  This food cart sells popcorn along side giant turkey legs.  Our colonial Forefathers did not come up with this combination.  Lets get past that.  The hand painted look of the sign is fun.  The fonts remind you of colonial America.  The shape of the signs even sets the time frame for the experience that WDW wants you to have. The American Pavilion wants you to visit the time when America was breaking away from their European rulers.  Can you see that era here in this sign?  I can.

By the way I have never actually eaten one of those giant turkey legs.  I have been told they taste like ham, due to the smoking processes used to cook them.  I have eaten plenty of WDW popcorn.  Salty, crunch and smells so good.


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