The Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant

For as many times as I have been to WDW, this summer was the first time I had a quick lunch at the Pinnocchio Village Haus Restaurant in Fantasyland

I most admit that I was pleasantly surprised.  The food was good and  atmosphere was cute.  It was a typical summer crowd, so the lines were long and tables where few. I enjoyed looking at the stain glass windows and painted walls.  Even here you can find the details in the art.

I choose a Caesar Salad - Made with romaine lettuce, chicken, and Parmesan cheese. - $7.79.  A great choice for a summer day. I was so happy to see the dressing was Ken's.  This is my favorite brand and use it at home all the time.

Jason had  a Individual Pizza -  Cheese $5.99.  There had never been a pizza I enjoyed here at WDW, but this was good.  It is still not something I would go out of my way for, but I would order this.

Mom had Chicken breast Strips - Served with French fries or apple slaw. - $7.69. Again, a good choice.  The chicken was nice and crispy and the fries hot.

Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant has good food. However with the expansion of Fantasyland,  I am not sure if I will be able to eat there again. There has been no direct announcement of the fate of Pinocchio Village Haus, I hope it stays.

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