BioWorks Butterfly Garden - Tampa, FL

With summer ending, I start to feel a little sad, for many reasons.  One being, the butterflies will not be around much longer.  Living here in Florida you get to see an array of colorful butterflies and moths.  Each summer I look forward to their fluttering by and floating to flower to flower in the yard.  This year, Jason and I visited BioWorks Butterfly Garden at MOSI in Tampa.

First let me say that the BioWorks Butterfly looks impressive, from the outside.  Whatever you do, do not buy tickets for admission.  If  you are going to see another exhibit at MOSI, you can get in with that ticket.  On it's own the House is not worth the expense.  Inside is a small man made marsh with a few turtles and native plants.  

There is a screened in area where the butterfly cocoons, are hanging waiting for the wing wonders to hatch.  You can not get a good at this.  Instead, stick to the outside garden.  Its free to wondering the trails and see the beautiful blooming flowers with butterflies everywhere.  This area inspired me to grow our own home butterfly garden.

I will miss the butterflies and will await for their return next summer.  Will I visit BioWorks again?  Yes, but only the outside gardens.


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