A Summer Visit to Lights, Motors, Action!


One of the great things about Disney's Hollywood Studios are the shows.  They really go all out to entertain you, with their production skills.  I have never taken the time to see Lights, Motors, Action stunt show.  Why?  I just I really am not that into cars.  But on this hot summer day (June 21, 2010), my husband said let go you will like it and we can sit for 30 minutes. At 12:50 we walked over to the stadium.  They were not letting people in until 1pm.  We walked around Streets of America waiting for the show.  Oh yeah it is about 103 F.  At 1pm we went back to the stadium.  OMG. We did that line come from.  The moved fast for about 2 minutes.  Crammed into a walkway that lead into the seating area, and here we stopped and waiting until 1:25pm.  Let me remind you that is was 103 F.  We were not told why we were not being sat, or how much long it would be.  So at 1:25pm we were let into the stadium, some one came out at 1:45pm to say, "Sorry for the delay, having technical  issues."  Could they not have said something while we were on line.  It was hot, there were not water fountains or vending machines. My first experience so far was not happy.

The show it self was OK.  I am sure I would have like it better if I was not already suffering from the overheated wait in line.  Would I recommend seeing?  Not sure. The driving is cool and "characters" are not that engaging.  I suggest that you wait until the exact show time to check it out and see if you can get a seat.  Don't wait in line for it. 

It did start to rain during the show.  The seats are covered and it helped to cool things done.  That was a plus. 

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