Bamboo Groves of the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom has the most amazing landscaping.  The park is filled with lush tropic enivorment.  You can not help but notice the towering bamboo.  It there is a breeze the day you are visiting, just stop and listen to the magic sounds of the bamboo swaying.  I love it!

On my last trip, I noticed something strange.  The bamboo was a bright green.  I though, "What an unusual color."  I had to look closer.  "That is painted!"  Unfortunately, some many people have craved their name and initials into the beautiful bamboo, Disney has deiced to paint them.    I understand, in the wilds of Asia you would not see "AJ loves MK".  It did make me sad.  Why and who does this? You can't enjoy nature or are you so self obsessed that you think everyone needs to know you were there?  Please some one explain.

Next time you visit, the Animal Kingdom let yourself be immersed in the landscape.  It will enhance your enjoyment of the park.  OK, I am off my soap box for now.


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