Say it with me .... Babirusa

When visiting Animal Kingdom you have to learn to slow down and take the time to explore all the nature trails.  The Oasis is a perfect example of opportunity missed by many visitors. Take a stroll and you will see, things you have never seen before.  Just look past the large leaves, near the babbling brook and you could see a Babirusa.

Babirusa means "pig deer", even though some evidence suggest that the animal is more closely related to the hippopotamus. They are unique to several Indonesian islands. The males have tusks and very large canine teeth.  They eat fruit, vegetables, birds and small animals.  They are more active in the morning hours, being quick runners and swimmers.  Their lifespan is approximately 24 years.  Today poaching and habitat loss have cut their numbers to about 4,000.

On this particular morning we got to see both the male and the female enjoying themselves in the oasis. My husband wanted me to mention that this animal reminds him of Watto from Star Wars. Everything reminds him of Star Wars. He will watch the Babirusa for a few minutes with me then say, we should go to Star Tours tomorrow.



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