Saturday Snacks

In the mood for some famous Pizza Planet pizza, head over to Hollywood Studio's at the Muppet Theater courtyard.

I am the first to admit, the quick service pizza at any WDW restaurant is bad. I never thought I would use the word, "bad" when describing anything Disney, but it is true then it comes to pizza. If you have kids or love Toy Story the place is lots of fun. Don't go during the peak meal hours, the lines are outrageous.

We ordered a personnel pepperoni ($8.69) and an Italian meatball sandwich ($8.69). The salads were included with each entree. This is a great option, instead of fries. The food was OK, it is just not what you are use to from other WDW, eateries. I still have hope that they will improve on their pizza and coffee.

The portions are large so it will fill you up, but I would head over to the ABC Commissary if you are looking for something tasty.


Melissa said...

We just tried the pizza in Italy over at Epcot when were there last week (I think it was next to or a part of Via Napoli) and it wasn't too bad.

Disney Girl said...

Thanks, Melissa. We did have lunch there when it first opened but did not have the pizza. We will have to give it a try.

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