Pop Century's Fast Forward Arcade

When I stay at a WDW resort I always check out the hotel's arcade. I really enjoyed Fast Forward arcade at the Pop Century resort. A few of the games I have never seen before. They were new to me, and yet they were still familiar.

I don't know of any where else I can play such a large scale version of Operation.

I so remember the classic Nintendo from the 80s and the simple, but fun fishing game.  Come on you know you want to play, Big Bass Wheel.

Then you have to try Chameleon Paradise.  Using the chameleon tongue to hit targets, it is a rubber tongue.  That so competes with the  special affects of modern video games. 

Fast Forward takes a rechargeable card, like most WDW's arcades.  For an  short break from the theme park fun, try out this fun little arcade.  Just seeing these games is worth the stop.

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