Happy Disney 2012

A big welcome to 2012! My annual pass to WDW doesn't expire until April so bring on the fun.  I know for the past few months I have not been keeping up with the blog.  One of my resolutions is to use my annual pass to the fullest and share WDW from my perspective.

When I deiced to set daily blogging as one of my resolutions I started thinking about why?  I mean this is a big commitment to make, not even knowing how many people are reading.  Putting my memories of WDW in writing actual make me smile. Thinking about past visits and future ones brings Disney back into my life for a moment.  How could I not continue to provide myself this therapy?  I hope that you all enjoy the ride.

I have deiced to add a few other categories, beyond WDW and into my own personal life.  They will include:

1.  The life of the family pets - we have 5 dogs, 6 cats and 1 bird, seriously some crazy things happen.

2.  Favorite Deals of the week - coupons, contest, free samples and sales that were the highlights of my week that you may want to check out.

3.  Weekly Blog to better Health - what I have learned for the week to help me reach my  goal to better health this year.

4.  Disney fun outside of the resort - items, people, books or movies that are part of the Disney magic.

5.  The Adventures of Pal Mickey - That's right I have a Pal Mickey and he still loves to visit the parks.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and Thanks for sticking with me.

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