The Dapper Dans on a Winter Morning


The Dapper Dans have been performing at the Magic Kingdom at WDW since 1971. They perform nine show a day, seven days a week. In the morning the usually arrive at the Main Street USA on the horse drawn trolley. During the afternoon you could happen upon them anywhere on Main street, even in the barbershop. Their must see show is at 5pm along with the Magic Kingdom Security Guard for the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

They really are good and fun to watch. On this day they were using the Deagan Organ Chimes. Each of the eight chimes has three octaves of a single note, comprising a C scale. Amazing!

The performances, like the Dapper Dan's is what gives Disney it's magic. It you get a chance slow down on your visit and enjoy all the little experiences, you will add unforgettable memories.


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