Favorite Photo Friday


Wondering around the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot I was happy to find this camel.  How cool is a camel that wears a Fez?  The Pavilion is designed to look like a Moroccan city, the country's government aided in the design. They also sponsor the pavilion, unlike the others which have corporate sponsorship. 

I purposely took this photo from a low angle to make it seem like the camel was holding the lantern.  The lantern is actually hanging from the archway. I am really happy with the result.

Little know fun fact:  The Tower of Terror is visible at a certain angle from the Moroccan Pavilion.  The top of the Tower was designed to blend in Moroccan architecture, so it would not stand out.  Next time I am there I will try to see if I can photographic that.


Snow White Archive said...

I've never noticed the camel before. Nor the Tower of Terror from the Morocco Pavilion. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be looking on my next trip.

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