Saturday Snack - Fried Corn on the Cob?

I spent a wonderful afternoon in Liberty Square on Thursday (6/9/11).  It was a normal 90 degree day in Florida, so my husband was ready for a drink.  The Liberty Square Market offers a great variety of healthy choices, along with the hot dogs and soda.  On line to pay for my water and Gatorade I stopped this strange sign.

What could this be?  My husband thought is might be popcorn.  On the Cob?  So, I had to order it.


It was burnt on the outside, greasy and just weird.  Now I have been to my share of fairs and have tried an array of fried objects, this should never be eaten.  The great healthy vegetable corn was turned into an unhealthy mess.  I will not be having this again .... might as well have a deep fried Twinkie. 

It was so greasy I couldn't even share with this begging ibis, I was afraid it would make him sick.


Jason Longo said...

I had a bite too. Nasty.

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