Figment of my Imagination

The last two visits a Epcot I found myself  at Image Works.  I have not paid much attention to the Imagination pavilion over the past few years.  Like so many other WDW fans, I miss the original version of the Journey to Imagination ride.  The Image Works Lab was something you just had to walk through in order to get out.  On these hot days, here in Florida I am always looking for a place to cool off.  The backwards fountain and leaping fountain called my name for a chance to get wet.  I noticed Image Works.  I went in, not matter how bad it is, I can still get cooled off.

To my surprise I found a few moments of entertainment, The "Compose your Own Figment".  Figment is one of the beloved characters at Epcot.  He is a purple dragon made of all different animal parts, usually wearing a yellow sweater.  At Image Works you are given the chance put together your own Figment and have it emailed to your home.

OK it is not drawing, but you pick the color, wings, body type, head and horns.  I have fond memories of Figment as a child and for a free activity at WDW, this is fun.  The email did take a few weeks to be received, which if I was a kid, would be disappointing.    As an adult, be a kid and just have some silly fun and try it out.

For a great website on the History of Image Works check out The Epcot Legacy.


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