Mickey and the Nazzar Boncuk


The Nazar Boncuk, also know as the Evil Eye charm is now joined together with Mickey Mouse.  What is the Evil Eye charm?  The earliest know written reference to the evil eye is on a Sumerian clay tablet from the 3rd millennium B.C.  It was (still is) widely believed in ancient cultures that a harm could befall you from a simple gaze.  Usually  the look was from jealousy of your wealth, beauty, or good fortune.  To protect yourself you could wear or hang a talisman.   A disk consisting of concentric circles representing the eye is common in Middle Eastern cultures.  The staring eyes are suppose to bend the malicious gaze back to the sender.  The Nazar Boncuk charm is usually set on a blue or red background.  Blue represents water which is symbol of prosperity for ancient societies.  Red is know as good luck and fortune in traditional Jewish culture. 

A great marriage of fun and joy with good luck and fortune is represented in this "Evil Eye of Mickey".  Of course these do deviate from the traditional, but the can still give you some joy.  I found these at Disney's Days Of Christmas in Downtown Disney Marketplace.  


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