Fore the past few years I have watched the shops at all 4 WDW theme parks fill up with vinyl figures of Mickey Mouse that are not really Mickey.  They are shaped like Mickey and designed to represent other charters, holidays, events and whatever you can image.  I have actually thought about buying a few, but quickly decided against it.  There are about $9.95 and in a blind box, which means you do not know which one you are getting.  Lets be frank, there are not many that I found cute or fun, so why take the chance and get one I don't like. 

The window at Art of Disney in Epcot
Disney Vinylmation arrived in Walt Disney World Resorts with a kick-off event on Friday December 19, 2008.  You can now find the invading collectibles everywhere.

The gift shop at the exit of DINOSAUR in The Animal Kingdom Park

I visited the mecca of Vinylmation at Downtown Disney West Side on my visit in August 2010.  D-Street opened on April 16th celebrated with tons of Disney festivities.  Center stage is a design station where guest can create their own Vinylmation. You can purchase a blank figure and personalize it with pens, stick-on eyes and mouths, stickers, and gems.  The "guest designer" sits at a 6' x 6' table with 782 decorated figures displayed under a glass top and a sculpture of Mickey standing on it.  Look closely at Mickey and you will see he is made up of mini Vinylmation.  This drew me into the store.  The table and sculpture are brilliant, it almost made me want to design one. No, I did not do it.

Will their popularity last much longer?  The Disney pins are still going strong.  I always look for pins to buy when I am at  WDW.  But Vinylmatin I just don't get.  I appreciate it for the abstract artistry, but for $10 this Disney souvenir will not come home with me.


Gregory Michael said...

I love them soooo much... there arent any you like?


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