Spectacular Signage


Located behind Restaurantosaurus in Dinoland, USA at the Animal Kingdom is a great sign that express what most of us vacationing at WDW are on a mission to get.  Most of us have had that vacation when we snap a picture of everything we see, not wanting to miss anything that will give us the best shot to remember our trip.  Instead of filling your camera with hundreds of things you really will not remember pick a theme. Your family can decide to concentrate on food, signs, entrance ways or even hidden Mickeys.  Everyone on the trip will become involved in this photo scavenger hunt and the photos will become your best ever.  

Let me also take a motion to admire this sign.  It is kitschy, which fits the B-movie like feel of Dinoland.  Does this area not remind you of the giant ant or killer dinosaur (which was really a lizard) movies?  Now don't get me wrong, I love this about Dinoland.  This feeling is what makes the area Disney instead of bad carnival.  The Disney magic is in the details.  All the fine details come together to transport you  into the moment.  Don't forget to enjoy the details.  I do say that a lot don't I?


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