What happen to Discovery River Boats at Animal Kingdom

I remember going to Animal Kingdom and riding along the river.  I thought this was great.  A breeze, a witty driver and a break from walking.  What happened?

The ride was a non-stop trip that brought the passengers  to the docks of the Safari Village or Asia. The captain would  point out items on the river. Small animal handlers would do a show and tell along the way.

In 1999 the attraction was renamed Radio Disney River Cruise and played commentary from Radio Disney.  The routes were also modified, with boats returning to the departing dock instead of stopping at the other dock for guests to disembark.

The ride closed in late 1999 due to large numbers of disappointed guests who had not realized that the ride's original purpose was transportation.

 The docks, however, can still be seen in the park. The Safari Village dock is used for character greetings while Asia's dock is now a shaded area where guests can sit down and relax.

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