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In honor of July 4th, my blog is  about one of America's favorite pass times and food.  If you are visiting the Magic Kingdom at WDW right now this fun quick service restaurant is under going some refurbishment.  Please take the time to go in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Casey’s is reminiscent of a bygone era.  It is filled with American's obsession of baseball and hot dogs. The walls are filled with baseball memorabilia. The cast members are dressed as baseball players.  There is a great blog that explains all the history behind the design, called Designing Disney.  Check it out for all the info.

The food is hot dogs and french fries. They are OK, you definitely stop here for the atmosphere.  I stop in for the piano player.
 This talented musician has been there as long as I can remember.  When I hear that ragtime, I just smile.  Who wouldn't?  I found this YouTube video posted by gordaxx.


I know I should be posting photos of the fabulous fireworks.  But is more American then Casey's Corner and some ragtime music?

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