Dinner at The Wave - The Contemporary Resort

Looking for a new place to eat (well for us anyway) we decided to try out The Wave at the Contemporary Resort.  The dining room is very modern and feels very mature.  I was impressed by the atmosphere.  It was not crowded, which is always a plus.  The dinners were a combination of  American and world flavors, using organic and natural ingredients. 

The first thing I have to mention is our waitress was great.  She was pleasant, helpful and a little funny.

Paper straws, do I have to say more.  I hate them, but appreciate  the environmentally friendly aspect.  I did want to steal the silverware.  I love modern designed cutlery.

The Bread was a multi grain tasty loaf, but it was the butter topped with Hawaiian salt that makes it delicious.

The Mom (my mom named Anna) had Seasonal Soup - $7.99, which on this day was a Tomato Basil soup served with a Fete Grilled Cheese.  She enjoyed the soup, but not the grilled cheese.  I think it was more personal taste then a reflection on the sandwich.

Jason had Grilled Beef Tenderloin -  $28.99 Served with oven-dried tomatoes, roasted Fingerling potatoes, Cabernet sauce and local greens.  I believe he liked it, everything was gone from the plate except the greens.  They were bitter for him.

I  had Braised Chicken Pot Pie - $19.99 Made with peas, mushrooms, and carrots, topped with thyme pastry.  This was a deconstructed pot pie.  The chicken itself was tasty, but it was not the same.  The pastry was hard to eat, it was like a large wafer. The temperature of the meal was just warm.  I like my food steaming hot.  

At any restaurant you go to in Disney you most try the deserts.  The wave has a selection of trios that are very appealing.  We choose Decadent Flavors - $7.99 Blueberry compote with yogurt gelato, Lemon cornbread with vanilla panna cotta, or Chocolate mousse with salted caramel sauce.  Each was more amazing then the previous.


I would recommend the coffees, very nice. Cappuccino or Latte $3.69, and Cafe Mocha $4.19

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