Nine Dragons Restaurant - Epcot China Pavilion

Nine Dragons Restaurant - Epcot China Pavilion

While at the Epcot on March 27, 2010 we had dinner at the Nine Dragons Restaurant in the China Pavilion.  I think I ate here years ago, but honestly did not remember.  The atmosphere is wonderful. Elegant and inviting at the same time.

The menu is does not have that large of a selection, but it is enough to have something for most.

We started with, Pot Stickers - Sauteed pork and veggie dumplings served with cilantro-soy dipping sauce. - $6.98. Tasty, good, but not amazing.

Jason had a special, which contained a sample of many noodles and sauces.  I do not think they have this all the time. He enjoyed it. I was could not believe the amount of food on one tray.
My Mom had Nine Dragons Fried Rice - Stir-fried shrimp, chicken, ham, eggs, veggies, and a touch of chili spice. - $15.68

I had Kung Pao Chicken - Served with peanuts and dried chili peppers. - $17.98I was warned it was spicey, which I do like.  This definitely not for the faint at heart.  All in all tasty, and a prefect portion, however still not the amazing I was hoping for.  

Would I recommend Nine Dragons?  Not really,  when usually dining at WDW you are in for a foddie delite. The food is authentic, and not a touristy American  version.  This is not true here, while good I don't think it is any better then your favorite Chinese restaurant.  Then oh course there is the unbelievable space violation that occurred to me.
We were seated next to the kitchen entrance.  Not my favorite place to in the first place.  All the commotion of severs in and out does lessen the dinning experience.   That was not the problem.  The restaurant was not that busy, so the servers kept gathering in the kitchen entrance just to socialize.  I really tried to just let it go, but the i felt a strange bump on the top of me chair.  Then again and again and again.  Could this be a waitress was hitting the back of my chair with her ass.  That is right ass.  She was leaning and resting her ass on the top portion of my chair back.  I turned around and she did not notice that people were sitting at the table let alone in the chair she was leaning on.  So, I simple moved my chair forward,  She actually stumbled and was startled.  Upset, but not wanting to make a big deal out of it I said nothing and continued with my meal.  About 10 minutes later she was back, but not only leaning but bouncing her ass on the back of the chair.  So again I moved the chair forward.  Again she was startled, but not enough to stop her from doing it immediately again.  Again, I move the chair.  This time she turned around looked at me, startled and angry to say, "Sorry".  Her look was one of well, aren't you going to say something , like sorry.  So, I said, "You should be, I am not sorry."  She walked a few steps away, but never really left my personal space.  I am sure I was the talk of the rest of her shift.  I should have said something to the hostess, but it this happen at the end of our meal, and I just wanted to leave.   This was a first for me, most of the time all the waiters and waitress offering the most professional customer service at WDW.  Which I should say our waiter was very nice and helpful.  He did not see what had happened.

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