English Tea Garden - Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2010

My favorite event to attend at Epcot is the International Flower & Garden Show.  I decided to break down my visit to this event into separate blogs.  I am so excited just remember it all.  Spring is in my heart now, if only I could make my own yard as beautiful.
Lets begin in the United Kingdom Pavilion.  Nestled in this English garden are jumbo tea cups overflowing with the plants used to make your favorite teas.  The garden is presented by Twinings Premium Tea.  You will recognize the tea bags hanging from the cups.

Orange Bliss Tea - made from a orange tree.  When the blossoms are in bloom the fragrance is so amazing.  The tea is a fine black tea with flavor of fresh squeezed oranges.  I have had this time before, it does have a strong taste.  I do like it, but don't have that often.

Pure Chamomile Tea  - made from the herb chamomile's yellow flowers.  It is naturally caffeine free.  It is my first choice, when I want a warm cup of tea to relax.

French Vanilla Chi Tea - is partly made from vanilla beans.  Here you can see the vine that produces that bean.  Chi teas are my over all favorites.  They are a combination of  many spices, it a distinct taste and when you add vanilla to the mix, amazing.  It is also wonderful cold.

Pomegranate Delight Tea - made from the small fruit of the pomegranate tree.  It is slightly sweet with a fruity aroma.  I do love pomegranate, but this tea is to sweet for me.  But that tree is so cut.

China Oolong Tea - made from the leaves of the tea tree (Camelia sinensis).  It is commonly brewed to be strong, with the bitterness leaving a sweet aftertaste. I have never tried this one, but now having seen the plant I will have to.

Pure White Tea - made from the unopened flower bud of the tea tree.  They are harvested once a year.  The taste is very smooth.  It is hard to explain, it is just something you have to try.

If you are not a tea drinker, I do think visiting the English Tea Garden will at least make you curious about them.  Give a few a try, all these wonderful plants deserve it.

Of course,  if you are lucky you will run into the fabulous Mary Poppins. No this s not me in the photo, maybe next time.


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