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 March 11, 2010

I learned about the hidden mickey late in life and just started my search last year.  If you are a Disney theme park fan you have to add this element to your visits.

What are Hidden Mickeys?
A hidden Mickey is a partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse placed  into the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.

The most common Hidden Mickey form is the tri-circle Mickey frontal silhouette: three circles that form Mickey’s round head and adjoining round ears.
Other images include a side or oblique (usually three-quarter) profile of Mickey’s face and head, a side profile of his entire body, a full-body frontal silhouette, a detailed picture of his face or body, or a three-dimensional Mickey. Sometimes, just his gloves, handprints, shoes or ears appear.

If you are really into it check out this book.  I always bring my with us then we go.
Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets

Every time I go to the park I try to find at least one.  If you want to discover them on your own.  Stop reading now.  However if you want to share the one you have already found, I would love to see them.

Disney's  Hollywood Studios: 
Look at the circle in the center of the black below the window, they form a classic Mickey Head.
This one is located in outside a near the "Darkroom" store.  Look below the windows above.

Disney's  Hollywood Studios - The Brown Derby Restaurant:  
You can find this caricature of Jimmy Dodd wearing his mouse ears in the waiting area.  He is from the 1950s' tv show "Mickey Mouse Club"

Disney's  Hollywood Studios: 
At the ABC Commissary you find this wonderful art work on the wall above the cashiers.  Look close and you can see the water tower wearing mickey ears.

Downtown Disney Market Place:
If you are lucking enough to come across the talented young men.  You might be able to capture this Mickey drawn out of water.

Disney's  Hollywood Studios:
When you are approaching the entrance look to the right.  You will find these perfectly trimmed  hedges.

Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA:
This one is of course seasonal.  However take notice of the lamp post that line the street.  A Mickey Wreath to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA:
This one is of course seasonal.  However take notice of the lamp post that line street.  A Mickey Pumpkin to celebrate the Halloween.

Epcot - Mouse Gear:
Look at all the merchandise fixtures, there are many hidden Mickeys.

Magic Kingdom:
Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor outside wall

Epcot - Germany Pavilion:
There is a classic Mickey on the crown of this suit of amour.  It is hard to photograph  with  out a telephoto lens.  However, you can see it when standing there.

Epcot - China Pavilion:
Check out the Koi Pond.  The grate has a small Mickey.

As you are walking around the world showcase look down at the grates around the tress.  The circle designs form the classic Mickey Head. This photo has taken in the France Pavilion.

Epcot -United Kingdom Pavilion:
The sign above the sports shop.

Downtown Disney Market Place -
"Disney's Days of Christmas":
 Look up and notice the tree branches above the displays.  each trunk has a craved Mickey Head or two.

Downtown Disney Market Place -
"Once Upon a Toy":
In the store you can find these large wing nuts on the wooden merchandise displays.

Downtown Disney Market Place -
"Once Upon a Toy":
In the store you can find these tinker toy mickey's on the merchandise displays.

Downtown Disney Market Place- "Once Upon a Toy":
In the store is a great sculpture of Captain Jack Sparrow.  It is hard to see in the photo. The blocks form a Mickey Head on the lower left of his coat.

Downtown Disney Market Place - "World of Disney"
In the store you can find drilled holes in the metal posts of the clothing racks.

I am not sure where I took this photo.  If anyone recognizes it, please let me know.

Magic Kingdom -Mickey's Toontown Fair.
Again this is seasonal to Halloween,  plus you can only see it if you go to "Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party" after normal park hours.  It is a light shined onto the fencing near the walkway entrance to Toontown.

Port New Orleans Riverside Resort:
An outside railing located around the guest buildings.

Port New Orleans Riverside Resort:
Left for us on the bed by maid service.

Epcot - The Moroccan Pavilion
On the door of the shop located on Bay lake.

March 27, 2010

Got a chance to go to the Epcot Flower and Garden show.  As always I am on the look out for some Hidden Mickeys.  Here is what I found today.

Epcot - The United Kingdom Pavilion:
This is the lantern hanging outside the Rose and Crown Pub.  In the scrolls you can make out the 3 circles to form Mickey.
Epcot - The Germany Pavilion: This is one is located in the mini train exhibit.  Look on the left hand side of to see this small upside down shrub trimmed into a Mickey head.

Also during the Flower and Garden Expo you will notice the mini train village it also decorated with topiaries. Front and center is the mouse himself.

 Epcot - Japan Pavilion: This is the gold bell hanging from Pagoda.    Notice the small classic Mickey head holes along the bottom of the bell. Each corner of the Pagoda has bell hanging from it.

Epcot - The Moroccan Pavilion
On the door of the shop located on Bay lake.
This is an updated photo.  The color of the plates have changed and the carpet was placed behind it.

June 30, 2010

Thank you to Lisa Hutchins, a Facebook fan for sharing this great photo of  a Hidden Mickey in the carpeting at the Polynesian Resort.  Can you see him?  In the center of the flower is the classic Mickey.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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