Animal Kingdom October 18, 2009

We decided to use our Annual Disney World Passes once a month. For this trip we invited my mom and took some sweaters and drove off to The Animal Kingdom. What Sweaters? The temperature when we left at 9am was about 55ยบ F. It only got into the upper 60s. Which for a Florida resident is cold.

First if you use self parking add an extra $14 to your budget per day. That is right you have to pay to park. If you do have an Annual pass parking is free. Traveling with my mom also has its pluses, the handicap parking hang tag. We were directed to the front section of parking and in walking distance to the entrance. It is a busy morning. Strange, I really thought it would be a quiet day. Once through the security check point. Which is a joke. They are suppose to be checking your bags for weapons, I guess. The guard tells you to unzip your bag and takes a brief look. Is this really making people feel more secure? They started this practice after 9/11. Just don't bring a lot of stuff with you and it will go quicker. Besides who wants to carry a large purse while walking in the park all day.

First things first. I told my mom to put socks on before we left the house. Of course, she still believes that it is always warm in Florida. So upon entering the gate she announces she need socks. Off to the Rain Forest Cafe / Store. The most logical place for socks.

Socks were purchase. Oh yeah, she wore socks with sandals. I will admit I brought a scarf to keep my nose warm.

Our first stop was Nemo the Musical. It is located near Dinoland. Disney recommends you arrive 30 minutes before show time. There was a line. Once inside the theater we asked for handicap seating. We were directed to the end of the row, given a seat and told to move to the end. No problem. After a few moments another cast member approached and asked us to move to the middle of the row. I said no. Why would you ask 3 handicap senior citizens (my mom and an older couple) to move, to seat a young family. The cast member said we should not have been seated there. I sorry we are not moving, that is not the right thing to do for these seniors. She shrugged and sat the family in the middle. After all that the show was good. The puppets were fun. Do see it, Disney always goes all out on these shows. However a few of my favorite characters were missing. Where are the seagulls?

Lets get some lunch at the Flaming Tree. They have a variety of barbecue.
My mom and I had pulled pork sandwiches, while hubby had the ribs. The sandwiches were good, Hubby did not like the ribs. I did not taste them, so I can not confirm that.

Now off to an hike the trails of Africa to see some Gorillas and other animals along the way. Yeah that is right, even the Gorillas were cold.

Some fun merchandise in one of the shops.

You always have to walk around the Tree of Life. I always discover animals I have not seen before. I will post a Blog just for the Tree of Life with Photos.

The jungle trek in Asia was quite in the afternoon. My favorites are the fruit bats, but the tigers are always fun.

Discover Island is the paths leading back to the parks entrance. Take all the side trails, you never know what animals you will see.

It has been a fun day. We leave the park head over to Downtown Disney for dinner at Wolfgang Puck's. Please try the pumpkin ravioli . They are amazing. The mango ice tea is excellent also.

Back in the car to drive home. One last reminder of our day as we head out on route 4.

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